Wendy Obstler’s approach to yoga therapy is comprehensive, unique and invaluable to our physical rehabilitation facility in Beverly Hills. Both personally and professionally I see great merit in the integration of yoga therapy as a mainstay modality for this modern medicine world.
                                                                                                                                                                                   - Walker, Ozar, D.C

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Yoga Therapy is a beautiful & complementary care practice that can be integrated into any ‘rehab’ program that supports a doctor’s protocols for his/her patient(s).

Wendy has worked with a variety of individuals with special needs including those living with cancer, cerebral palsy, spinal fusions, sciatica, body image issues, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, severe scoliosis, pelvic floor dysfunction and infertility, to name a few. She has had the honor to teach yoga therapy at Providence Saint Joseph’s Integrative Medicine Center. Wendy currently teaches one-to-one Yoga Therapy and small group classes at Beverly Hills Posture & Rehabilitation Institute.

If you are a Healthcare Provider, an Integrative Medicine Center or part of the Holistic Community seeking extra care for your patients and/or employees, and would like to discuss how you can integrate Yoga Therapy into your facility, please contact Wendy at spark@divinesparkyoga.com and she will be happy to set up a phone consultation with you.