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kind words from clients

WendyO uses her skills in yoga to immediately increase actors’ breath and relaxation. She uses easy, specific steps to eliminate tension and limitations in any audition room. Our VOWOL group of Voice Over actors were transformed by her feedback, coaching, and straightforward instruction. Even one session with WendyO translates to bookable gold. 
  -Roy Samuelson (VOWOL VP of VO, Los Angeles)

I’ve been practicing yoga with WendyO for several years, and she’s been a constant and supportive guide through the gamut of my physical conditions – including peak fitness, various injuries, pregnancy, and now, post-natal shape-up. Throughout every stage of this journey, Wendy has proven to be immeasurably knowledgeable, encouraging, and helpful as my body has adjusted to its varying forms and capabilities. In times of health and fitness, she has challenged me just enough, while with every injury, she has known exactly how to address my pain and help me find a healing path to speedy recovery. During pregnancy, she constantly adjusted our practice to meet the needs of my increasing girth; and now in my post-partum stage, she her expertise has been essential in helping my body recover and regain its former flexibility and strength. Every step of the way, she has succeeded in addressing my particular strengths, weaknesses, and conditions, and has done so with a smile and spirit that would put anyone at ease. Furthermore, Wendy has a gift with metaphor, choosing exactly the right image to help me achieve the most from each pose during our practice. No matter what level of exhaustion or pain I may feel going into a session with Wendy, I invariably feel energized, optimistic, and ready to conquer the world when we have finished.

                                                                                                                                                                            - JATT (Glendale, CA)

Wendy’s …approach of connecting breath to movement has been that key I needed in finding the interest to do yoga. For me, this class is in-line with the workouts I practice with weights. In some ways, Wendy’s workouts are even more intense. I have more energy, I’m more flexible, and the time in her class provides me with a sense of well being that truly lasts me all week. I’ve incorporated aspects of her classes into my exercise routine because I see results. I’d recommend Wendy’s class for anyone who has pre-conceived notions about what yoga is. Especially if you incorporate weight lifting into your life, as I do, take Wendy’s class. It’s a work out for the ‘worked out’.

                                                                                                                                                                         - R.J. (Los Angeles, CA)

I truly enjoyed Wendy’s coaching @ VOWOL and have found the breath work very useful both in the vocal booth and in the outside world. Our lives are so hectic and it’s really helpful to have a simple exercise you can do anywhere to center and calm yourself.

                                                                                                                                                                        -M.E. (Los Angeles, CA)

Went to an audition at the Chandler Studio Theatre and saw your ad in the playbill and then last week found myself in some incredibly stressful situations… I tapped into your breathing techniques [taught to us at VOWOL a few weeks prior] and felt much more grounded and positive. Your website is really great, cool photos, and very comprehensive. 

                                                                                                                                                                        - J.R. (Los Angeles, CA)

I've often wanted to learn more about Yoga and how I can use it in my life. Wendy Obstler has helped open the door for me. She shares, encourages and guides each of her students to do what they can in a safe and positive environment.

                                                                                                                                                                        - S.S. (Los Angeles, CA)