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Wendy's mere presence in the room will make you breathe easier. Her extensive knowledge of the human body coupled with her passion to create a meaningful, memorable experience will leave you feeling like an entirely new person. 
-Mark P. (Sherman Oaks, CA)
Divine Spark Yoga is dedicated to the ideal that there is a Yoga for every body. Thereby, yoga is accessible for every body type; at any stage in one's life; and any individual who is open to its infinite possibilities. The first step is to open up and breathe life in; allowing our natural healing capacity to have the space to perform its purpose. Our bodies are made up of intricate layers of intelligence. And when given the correct tools, the body can begin to self-correct.

D I V I N E   M I S S I O N
24 Hour Cancellation and Reschedule Policy: All yoga private & semi-private cancellations and reschedules must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment, otherwise full payment is required, unless: 1) you purchased a series you can forfeit that session within the series; OR 2) you can pay the full amount of the session to retain that session within the series. Should DSY cancel an appointment for any reason within the 24 hour period then DSY will pay the client $25 in cash or apply that amount towards a future series, whichever is preferred by the client. No-Show Policy: If you are a no-show to your session, full payment is required. No exceptions. Expirations: All package series expire 6 months after the date of purchase, unless another agreement has been made prior. Pricing: Rates will vary depending on the location and length of session, and if you choose to purchase a package deal. Rates may also increase at least one time per year.Allergies: If you have any allergies to aromatherapy oils & scents, as well as incense, or any of the like, please let us know. Injuries & Conditions: You must disclose any and all info regarding past history or present injuries or conditions, as inquired within the In-Take Evaluation form you will fill out prior to scheduling sessions with DSY.
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A Heart Opening Posture
in Strong Yoga® we call this "Heart Hug Breath"

If you are planning to schedule an appointment or already have and it is your first time working with me, please fill out the forms located on the CONTACT PAGE and bring with you to the first session.

Should you have any questions or need to contact me, feel free to send me an email: spark@divinesparkyoga.com.
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