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Wendy has shown me that the practice can improve your quality of life.

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Wendy is incredibly caring and enthusiastic about understanding how the body works, perhaps because she herself had some back problems. I became much more aware of my body and my posture. I even changed the way that I stand and walk -- when I recently got a new pair of sneakers, the store employee watched me walk and said that I no longer pronate. Wendy's a wonderful teacher and I enthusiastically recommend her!  
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A Six Week Divine Spark Yoga Therapy Care Program

'Getting to the core of your truth'... This is the core of 'truth' in your body; with your breath; of your mindset; the wholeness that is YOU. This is about getting clear on what you need (physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically) and what action(s) must occur in order for you to step into those truths. If we have pain in the body; a recurring tweak or ache; an imbalance of hormones or recurring disruptions of sleep, it's important to take a deeper look at those specific areas and what may be the cause. And, it is also necessary for our attention to move even deeper... into the many parts of the whole of who we are... exploring what daily and weekly rituals we are engaging in that may service, or hinder, our greatest good. 

My intention with this program is to help you find balance in your body, and ultimately, in your life. Balance includes becoming aware of; taking action and moving towards an integration that bring us back to a place of wholeness... 

One breath at a time.

This program is suitable for local Los Angeles students as well as those able to meet via Skype.
For more info, inquire at

Wendy is currently teaching one-to-one yoga therapy at Beverly Hills Posture and Rehabilitation, as well as Generate Shen Holistic Center. Call to find out more: 818-618-7575.

This practice is yoga! A breath-based approach with its focus on alignment, spinal stability and optimizing the body's function, it has been described as 'the intersection between physical therapy and yoga.' 

The practice addresses healing the whole person. The goal of my teaching approach is to help guide the individual closer towards healing from a specific injury, move out of chronic pain, as well to educate as a method of injury prevention. In our sessions, we discuss daily habits, ways of being, movement patterns, as well as any known energetic holdings. 

There are a specific set of postures chosen for the individual's needs based on their history and current condition. Breath work is also a key element of the practice, as well as taking a closer look at daily lifestyle choices. 

​*Disclaimer: any use of terms as "yoga therapy", "Yoga Therapist" or "therapeutics" is not in relation to my Yoga Alliance Registration. I completed the Yoga Therapy Rx program through Loyola Marymount University and then moved immediately into a 14 month clinical internship through the Tensegrity Center of Yoga Therapy, under the guides of Sherry Brourman, P.T., C-IAYT, E-RYT-500 & Leslie Kazadi, C-IAYT, E-RYT500. I have since completed the Alchemy of Yoga Therapy, an advanced 300 hour yoga therapy teacher training also with Leslie Kazadi, C-IAYT, E-RYT500.